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Nordic Minimalist Figures Line Art


  • Nordic Minimalist Figures Line Art Sexy Woman Body Nude Wall Canvas Paintings Drawing Posters Prints Decoration for Livingroom.
    **Not framed
    **Dimension: 20cmX25cmX1pc

N2,000 N2,998

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Flowering Glam | Frame


  • Sparkle up your spaces with something not shiny but special. Can be wrapped as a gift on budget. Wedding anniversary gift, new office gift, house warming gift.

    Dimension: 12x18 inches (with glass)

N7,500 N8,000

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Black Beauty Elegance in Us All | Frame


  • Black is always elegant. Buy or gift someone this wonderful piece to bring out and add to the beauty of their space.

    Dimension: 16x26 (with glass)

N12,000 N13,500

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Couples | Anniversary Frame


  • Picture your room or office spaces beaming with nothing but LOVE. Get this special frame to express your noble feeling.

    Size: 10x14 inches (with glass)

N6,500 N7,500

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Classy and Sophisticated Frame


  • Classify your room with a sophisticated frame that can make it exceptional.

    Perfect for gifts (birthday, house warming, anniversary, etc).

    Dimension: 16x16

N11,500 N13,000

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